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Escríbenos: contacto@grupobackbone.mx

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About Us

We are a profesional group that, in partnership with Estevez.Jor Servicios, has installed more than 30.000km of fiber optic cabling around our country.

We install OPGW and ADDS cable; as well as underground cabling, including canalizing construction, civil works and posts.

We built more than 10.000km of OPGW cabling in Distribution Networks for CFE.

We built more than 20.000km of ADSS optical network for CFE.

What we do

Installation, maintenance and fiber optic implementation.

How we do it

Our team works through a comprehensive platform which allows the full development of all contracted services, specially in terms of quality, opportunity and price.

  • 60 specialized engineers and technicians working in the feasibility elaboration
  • 20 permission mangers
  • 180 construction groups
  • 160 technicians, all fully equipped for connecting, measuring and optic failures detection

Our Mission

"We build digital links to communicate the world" 

Our Vision

"To be the most competent and innovative organization, leader in fiber optic installation and maintenance"


  • Leadership. Influence for leading the organization to its goals achievement.
  • Team Work. All together for a common good.
  • Passion. Always the highest dedication, full of enthusiasm in each achievement.
  • Loyalty. Compromise within the organization.
  • Coherence.To be and to live the mission of Backbone.